The e-rickshaw driver kept running, the police behind could not catch him, Video Viral


A video is going viral on Twitter in which an e-rickshaw driver is seen running away from his rickshaw and a policeman is chasing him. The driver kept driving the e-rickshaw for several kilometers in the narrow streets of the mohallas. The police made a million attempts to catch him, but they failed.

During this, the e-rickshaw driver also hit a bike rider. Eventually, at the end of the video, the driver fled leaving the e-rickshaw behind. During this the e-rickshaw also overturned.

The extent was such that despite chasing for several kilometers, the police could not catch the e-rickshaw driver. This video has been shared by many users on social media.

According to Gagandeep Singh, who shared this video on Twitter, this video is from Amritsar in Punjab. The e-rickshaw driver absconded from under the nose of the Punjab Police. The police tried a million times to catch him. But, the driver could not be caught. It is being told that the e-rickshaw driver was drunk.

It is seen in the video that the police stopped this e-rickshaw driver at a crossroads. But, he fled from the spot. During this, this driver also dropped a bike rider.

While watching the video, it seemed many times that this e-rickshaw driver would be caught by the police. But, only then it made the e-rickshaw run in many narrow streets. At the end of the video, the driver left the e-rickshaw, as a result of which it overturned. After this the driver very cleverly fled.

‘This is like a mission impossible’
By the way, reactions of many Twitter users also came to the fore on this video. One person commented and wrote that it looks like Mission Impossible. Another person wrote that he made a rail for an e-rickshaw.

While commenting, a user wrote that next to this, the ‘chase sequence’ of Gangs of Wasseypur has also failed.

On the other hand, some people even compared this e-rickshaw driver with a heavy driver. At the same time, some users said that the driving of this person is amazing.